From Pastor Jim, september 20

The Miracle of Mercy campaign got off to a great start this past Sunday, September 17. I hope you will plan to attend all of the Sunday morning messages.


You are highly encouraged to join one of our HomeGroups for an evening of food and a video-driven discussion on the Five Marks of Mercy. Group information is available at the sign-up table in the foyer or by calling the church office.


We also invite you to use the Miracle of Mercy material for your daily devotionals for the next six weeks. These short readings will start you thinking about a verse on mercy and then guide you through some questions to record your own thoughts on what you’ve read. You can purchase a Miracle of Mercy study guide with the devotionals (foyer or call the church office) or you can request the devotionals be sent to you via email (direct emails to

God’s mercy falls on us like rain every day in so many ways. It’s everything from the air we breathe to the new life we have in Christ. Take a moment right now to thank Him for the miracle of mercy.

See You Sunday,

Pastor Jim


Pastor Jim