From Pastor Jim, November 15


This Sunday we will be presenting the 2018 Ministry Budget for approval by the church. Copies will be inserted in the program Sunday and will be mailed to members this week. All the day-to-day operations of the church are paid for through our ministry budget. This includes everyday expenses like insurance, utilities, programming, and salaries as well as special events like Fall Festival, VBS, and camps.

Let me encourage you to support the ministry of our church financially. I can tell you by experience and having heard the stories of countless others, tithing is a two-fold blessing for Christ followers. It blesses both the giver and the ones who receive the ministry and whose lives are changed.


Last year we had our best World Mission Offering in over 7 years. This year our Missions Committee is challenging us to raise $60,000 for missions and missionaries around the world. Here is where the funds go.   

  • 20% Local Missions - “Jerusalem”
  • 10% State Missions - “Judea”
  • 10% National Missions - “Samaria”
  • 60% International Missions  - “uttermost parts of the earth”

Please begin to pray about your part in this very important offering. It will bless missionaries and mission efforts from Irving to Idaho to Iraq and Indonesia. And as you pray remember, “It’s not about us, it’s about THEM!”

See you Sunday for week three of FEARANOIA,

Pastor Jim