From Pastor Jim, july 12 


The big idea behind the UNFINISHED message series on Sunday mornings is that what the Holy Spirit started in the book of Acts he wants to continue in and through us. God was always surprising people in the book of Acts. And He wants to surprise us today and increase our appetite for the unexpected. God is so much bigger than our image of Him. In my message a few weeks ago I shared these key points from Acts 10.

1. God will surprise you with who He chooses to use.

We may think that God can’t change a person. Or that God only uses a certain kind of person out of a certain kind of background. But God uses the unlikely . . . the unexpected person to make the greatest difference. Saul never forgot his past . . . not because he felt guilt about it . . . he knew he was forgiven.

2. God will show you the extraordinary in ordinary places.

One of the great ways to start your day is to pray: “God is there anything you have planned for me today that his not on my calendar? This week we have 10 of our members on a mission trip to the Rio Grande Valley. I guarantee God will surprise the team with what He does in and through them. Pray for the team – and pray that God will show up and surprise you in ordinary places.

3. God will surprise you with the people He wants to reach through you.

There are people who are close to you that are on God’s “radar,” but they aren’t on yours. Cornelius couldn’t have been any further away from Peter’s radar. God will break down the barriers of preferences, prejudice, and pride so that we can reach them for Christ.

Let’s be a church that embraces the unexpected . . . willing to demolish any barrier between us and those for whom Jesus died.


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In Christ Alone,

Pastor Jim