From Pastor Jim, September 20


What a great start for our two new worship services and our new schedule. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work in getting this off the launchpad.

I hope you’ll continue to fill your pew with family and friends. Give an invite card, send an email invite, or message someone. Keep praying for the services and our new message series, UNCHAINED: Finding Your Freedom in Christ. We are all bound by some kind of chain that robs us of our joy and peace in Christ.

Special thanks to:

  • The church staff for their months of prayer and preparation.
  • Our worship leaders: Jacob Stephenson, Scot Cameron, Eric Phillips, Woody Schober, Reagan Reynolds, our musicians (Jerilyn, Scott, John, Jack, Edwin & Rusty), our Jubilee Singers and our choir doing a wonderful job in both services.
  • Pat McGennis, Janet Brazeale and the serving team for providing a great first Sunday of our Café in the Commons area.
  • All of our ushers and greeters for making everyone feel so welcome Sunday.

Next Sunday, September 23, Andrew McKinney will be leading the modern service as we host the Nimitz football team and their coaching staff. Pray for Jacob Stephenson, our Student Minister, as he shares the Gospel during the service. Scot Cameron will be back leading the classic service.


Pastor Jim