From Pastor Jim, January 13, 2022


Now the first thing you might think about decluttering is your desk, closet, or garage. We understand that when our physical space gets overcrowded, it's hard to get anything done.

The same is true for clutter in your finances, your schedule and your soul. It's hard to focus on your priorities when your mind is filled with fear and worry. It's almost impossible to pursue your purpose when you're overwhelmed in your schedule.

Let me encourage you to join with me in a 21 day journey starting this Sunday, Jan. 16th as we seek first God's kingdom by decluttering our lives. Our culture encourages clutter. It encourages us to keep more possessions than we need, to be busier than we should and to fill our minds with thoughts that can crush our soul.

For the next three weeks I want to lead you in a grace-based process of putting the past behind you and putting Christ first in every area of your life. I'll encourage you to declutter your stuff, your schedule and your soul. You'll be encouraged to sensibly fast from whatever is cluttering your life - food, Netflix, busyness, overspending or social media. But more important is that we fill the space we've created with kingdom building opportunities.


If you know of anyone who is interested in more information about Oak View and wants to know how to get involved or more involved in the church, please invite them to our next Next Steps Luncheon. I'll share the mission & vision of the church  and regardless of situation - how to take the next step of involvement at Oak View. Call the church office 972-790-3629 for free reservations. 

Looking Forward to Seeing You Sunday,

Pastor Jim