• jack teel

    minister to students and communications


    What is your favorite scripture?

    Ephesians 6:16-20


    Where and how did you accept Christ?

    My children shared the Gospel with me after coming back from a preteen camp and their honest faith led me to know Christ.


    What do you want to communicate to the folks who are visiting the website?

    Oak View is a family on mission.  We truly come together to go and serve all around the world.  We are a community  that loves and supports each other in the way that Jesus has taught us.


    What is your dream for your ministry?

    My dream is that we can reach as many students as possible  to understand the hope that only comes from Christ.  That we are place that builds up servant leaders that will do great things for the kingdom!  And that we are a sanctuary for those who are seeking the fathers love and may not even know it.


    What is your educational background (School & Degree)?

    Bachelors in Biblical Ministries from Dallas Christian College


    What is your wife's name?

    Awesome! (Aka Stacey)

    Do you have children or grandchildren?

    We have 2 children Mallorie and Ethan


    Where did you grow up?

    Right here in Irving! 


     What are your hobbies?

     Fishing, motorcycles, golf and camping