Oak View's REsponse to the Coronavirus

Dear Oak View Family,

This Sunday, we’ll be regathering on campus for both our Classic Service at 9:30 AM and our Modern Service at 11:00 and offering childcare at both services for parents who attend either service.  We understand not everyone is ready to return to on campus services yet.  And we encourage those who are at high risk from the virus to watch the services online.  We will continue to offer and enhance our online services at both hours on YouTube and Facebook. 

Our church has done a wonderful job continuing to connect, worship, serve and give during this time of unprecedented crisis in our nation.  This Sunday, June 7, as we open up our on campus gathering for our Classic Worship service – it’s important to note that Oak View  was never really closed.  Our church has been ministering and connecting and worshiping every day.   



  • 9:30 a.m. Classic Service and 11:00 a.m. Modern Service will both include in person with social distancing or online on Facebook or YouTube

  • LifeGroups will continue to meet virtually, or Bible Study online here.


  • Prayer Ministry & Requests:  Please share your requests with by email (adelle@ovbc.net
  • LifeGroups:  Leaders, please contact your members through email, text and phone calls. Ron Kurtz ron@ovbc.net will be helping groups find ways to meet together in person (beginning May 10) or video conferencing.


Financial Contributions:  Your continued financial support is very much needed and appreciated.  You can give in three ways:

  1. Mail contributions to 1004 S. Story Rd Irving, Tx 75060. 
  2. Give online by clicking here.
  3. Text “OVBC” to 73256 and pay from your phone.

The Benevolence Team is available to deliver groceries and toiletries or run essential errands for those who are elderly and have a hard time getting out and shopping. Contact ron@ovbc.net if you know of someone who needs assistance.



Pastor Jim and Staff

Guidelines to reopen oak view

In accordance with the CDC guidelines and Governor Abbott’s recommendations concerning best practices to reopen houses of worship, these 8 guidelines will be utilized by Oak View Baptist Church as we reopen our campuses for worship and other activities to create a safe, secure and spacious environment.


  1. Practice Social Distancing: We will limit seating to provide adequate the recommended spacing of 6 feet between individuals and families. Common areas will be closed.
  2. RSVP for Events:  In order to adequately prepare for each worship service or event and to help communicate health screening questions, we encourage advance reservations.  
  3. High-Risk Individuals: All individuals that fall within the high-risk groups as defined by the CDC are encouraged to stay at home and view the service online.
  4. Masks: In all locations, masks are recommended to be worn by attendees.
  5. Hand Sanitizing Stations: Hand sanitizing stations are located at all entrances to our buildings and throughout our space.
  6. Restrooms: Oak View will monitor restroom capacity to enable social distancing.
  7. Hand to Hand Items: No items will be passed among attendees at Oak View, including offering containers, print materials, or other worship items. Additionally, attendees should practice touchless greeting (no handshakes or hugs).
  8. Sanitation: All touched surfaces (ex. door handles, countertops, seating) will be sanitized between our worship services and gathering times.