From Pastor Jim, november 27

IMagINe: Are You “In”?

We’ve been praying and sharing and imagining together about the future of Oak it’s time to be counted for future generations. On Sunday, December 8, we’ll join together to commit the funds necessary for IMAGINE 2020 – 2022. This campaign will seek to raise $750,000 over three years–over and above our regular offerings to

  • fund the 2019 World Mission Offering.
  • continue to reduce the amount owed on our construction loan.
  • remodel our Worship Center and explore new outreach opportunities to children in our community.

You can see a video about IMAGINE here.

I am asking you to prayerfully consider blessing our church and community on or before DECEMBER 8 by doing the following:

  1. Make a sacrificial one-time contribution to IMAGINE.
  2. Make a commitment of what you will give to IMAGINE over the next three years.

We will receive gifts and three-year commitments during our worship services Sunday, December 8. Please use the postage paid Imagine envelope (mailed to you or available in the bulletin) for your offering and 3 year commitment. If you cannot attend on December 8 you can drop your postage paid envelope in the mail.

Imagine what God will do if we sacrifice together…and what He can do in each of our lives in the process. Thank you for your generosity and your faithful service.

Blessings and I Look Forward Seeing You Sunday,

Pastor Jim