From Pastor Jim, June 26


By the time you read this, I’ll be in flight with our team for a mission trip to Kenya. We’ll be working with a ministry called Flow of Hope ( They help nationals establish micro-businesses to become self supporting in their efforts to provide for their families and become free from poverty, prostitution, and despair. We’ll be returning late on Sunday, July 21. You can email during the trip at and I’ll give you updates as often as I have internet service.


While I’m in Kenya, you’ll be blessed by two excellent speakers on Sunday morning:

July 14 - Russ Olmon, Campus Pastor for the Town East Campus of Lakepointe Church, will preach during the two English services. Russ is an Air Force veteran and a seasoned pastor with a wealth of knowledge about growing churches and applying God’s Word to everyday life.

July 21- Ron Kurtz, Associate Pastor at Oak View. Ron always does a great job speaking practically from God’s Word. Bring a friend to church with you and bless their life.   


“Can God make a rock big enough that He can’t pick it up?”

OK, maybe that’s a question we won’t cover, but we’ll address most any other. We have three more weeks in the FAQ series; I hope you’ll email me ( your questions to use for the rest of the series. Questions about faith, the Bible, your fears, or about following Jesus.

Blessings and I’ll Be Praying for You Sunday,

Pastor Jim