From Pastor Jim, may 1

The last time we met in person was March 15. No one could have dreamed what we’ve all experienced these past 40 days. There have been times of paralyzing fear and deepening faith, isolation and new connections, and frustration and joy. But words cannot express how proud I am of how our church has responded to this crisis.
The number 40 in the bible is often used to refer to times of trouble and hardship. When God destroyed the earth by water, He caused it to rain for 40 days. (Gen. 7:12) The Israelites, after refusing to enter the promised land, wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. (Deut. 8:2-5) And of course Jesus was tempted in the desert after 40 days of fasting. (Matt. 4:2)
There is no magic in the number 40. But it does emphasize several truths:

  • God is in control  - it is He who numbers our days.
  • Hard times don’t last forever.
  • God has a purpose for difficult days - and it’s always for our good.

The COVID crisis is not over. But we are at the beginning of a new season of hope in our nation and in our church. Based on Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Executive Order on Monday, April 27, 2020, Oak View will begin gradually reopening our in-person meetings on May 10 while carefully enforcing the mandated rules for social distancing.
You’ll have more choices for worship that ever before. On Sunday, May 10, we’re offering the option of joining us for Classic (9:30 a.m.) or Modern (11:00 a.m.) Worship Service either in-person on campus or online at home.  We encourage you to choose whichever venue best meets the needs of your family. There will be no on-campus LifeGroups for the next several weeks, but we are making plans for their return in the near future. We’ll continue to offer online LifeGroups at least through the month of May. And we’ll continue to support efforts to feed local families and assist those who are hurting in our community.
I hope you will plan to come to our Socially Distanced Reception on Wednesday, May 6, in the BEC. We’ll thank Scot & Amanda Cameron and give you the opportunity to meet Gary Freeman, who will be leading Classic Worship beginning May 10.
In addition, our Search Committee would like to invite you to meet their unanimous recommendation for our Student & Media Minister - Jack Teel. We’ll vote on his recommendation in our on-campus and online services (via email) on May 10.  

In many ways our church is stronger now than ever. We’re praying that God will use this pandemic to spark a spiritual revival across our nation.

We’re praying for you,

Pastor Jim