From Pastor Jim, April


This Easter invite your friends, neighbors and coworkers. But be sure to bring your ONE. Ask them to join you for whichever service appeals to them most – CLASSIC or MODERN. And most of all, don’t stop praying for them, sharing with them, and inviting them until they come to know Jesus. You can make a difference in a life for eternity – don’t give up.


There’s a story about a young, gifted preacher whose numbers in his church began to swell, and so did his head. After he had finished his latest barn burner sermon one Sunday morning, one of his loyal members shook his hand and said, “Pastor, you’re becoming one of the greatest expositors of this generation!”

As he squeezed his head into the car and slid behind the wheel, his weary wife beside him and the kids stuffed into the back seat, he couldn’t help sharing the story. “Mrs. Franklin told me she thought I was one of the greatest expositors of this generation.” No response. Fishing for affirmation, he glanced at his silent wife and prodded, “I wonder just how many ‘great expositors’ there are in this generation.” Unable to resist the opportunity to set the record straight, she said quietly, “One less than you think, dear.”

God has a way of putting people in our life to keep us humble. Have you thanked Him today for those individuals who love you enough to tell you the truth about yourself? Faithful are the wounds of a friend (Proverbs 27:6).

Can’t wait for our Easter Celebration,

Pastor Jim