From Pastor Jim, march 10

EASTER 2021 - A Celebration Unlike Any Other

Easter is unique. There is no day quite like it. I know we celebrate the resurrection every Sunday. But Easter is that special day where we see most clearly this stark contrast between darkness and light--between death and life--between our past and our future. Easter is when we gain a new vision for what resurrection power means for each day we live.

This year gives us one more dramatic contrast. A year ago we were just going into a pandemic. This year we’re slowly coming out of it. Last year we celebrated Easter in two drive-in services as well as online. This year we’ll have indoor and online services as we thank God for His goodness and mercy and for the new beginning we can have each day in Christ. Last year you may have invited someone to our Easter services, but this year you can be praying for your one ( and invite them to one of our online/on campus services and make a difference for eternity in their life.

Daily Devotionals

Last Sunday I launched a new 4-week series heading into Easter called Colossians: In Christ Alone. If you are not receiving the daily devotionals and would like to get them, please email Our staff is doing a great job each week presenting content that will follow along with the message series.

Masks and Social Distancing

For the next 6 weeks we’ll continue to ask you to wear your masks to and from your seat at church, or use one provided for you at the door. Meanwhile, our staff, in consultation with local health officials, will be monitoring current trends in Irving regarding vaccinations, number of new Covid cases, and transmission rates. We’ll bring a recommendation about the best health and safety policy going forward. As always, we ask you to watch our services online if you are experiencing a fever or other Covid symptoms or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid.

Look forward to seeing you Sunday,


Pastor Jim