• Rev. Wallace philpot

    In January of 1966, Rev. Campbell resigned as pastor of Oak View, again creating a need for a moderator. The church elected Garth Hunt to serve in that position and in March called C. C. Risenhoover as interim pastor. Again, the search was short. In June 1966, the church called Reverend Wallace Philpot as pastor of the church.


    At the beginning of 1967, under the leadership of Rev. Philpot, the members of Oak View accepted a “Faith in Action” program to aid the church in spiritual growth. This program established goals in the areas of evangelism, education, stewardship, Christian life, community and public relations. These initial goals were designed to be reached within the year and then updated yearly with new goals.


    The seventies were a growth period for both Oak View and the city of Irving. To accommodate this development, the church began a growth campaign called “Here we Grow Again.” Woody SchoberIn September of 1971, as an added outreach program, the church approved a tape ministry program to record the worship services, with the tapes being made available to church members and anyone else who could benefit from them. 


    In 1979, two important events occurred. First, the church called Woody Schober as Minister of Music, a position he held for twenty-seven years. Secondly, in May, Oak View made plans for a “Together We Build” program. Oak View was expanding rapidly and had the potential for continued growth, so additional space was essential. To that end, the "Together We Build" program was launched with a banquet on May 23, 1979, with the goal of completing a multi-purpose building to serve current and future needs of various age groups and ministries.